Eco Dye Workshop with Ric Rao and Lawrence Peters Nov 2018

Welcome to AZ Weavers and Spinners Guild

Here are a few things that will help you get the most out of your Guild.

Guild Year

Monthly general meetings are 10 AM the first Saturday of the month October to May.

Website and Facebook Group

As you are reading this online you must have found our website, congrats! In addition, there is also a

Facebook group. Search Arizona Desert Weavers and Spinners Guild on Facebook to join or click here.

Mother of All

The Guild newsletter is called Mother of All (MOA) and is sent to your email once a month during the Guild year. In addition, you may receive brief email reminders of upcoming meetings and other Guild news. Submissions by members are welcome. You can download copies of the MOA from our website.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups are an informal way to learn more about fiber arts by talking with Guild members. Check the Interest Group Page on our website or the MOA for more information.


Each year the Guild offers several workshops for more focused study. Some of the workshop leaders are nationally recognized, others are members with extensive knowledge of the workshop topic. Information about upcoming workshops can be found on our website or in the MOA.

Rental Equipment

We have equipment that members can rent for workshops or to try new techniques before buying your own equipment. There is a nominal monthly charge to rent. Spinning wheels, drum carder, looms, etc are available.

Raffle and Annual Fundraiser

There is a raffle at every meeting to earn money for Guild expenses. Raffle items are mostly donated by members. Raffle tickets at monthly meetings are $1 each. Bring small bills to the meeting to buy tickets. In December, we hold our annual fundraiser. This offers higher quality or more valuable items, including items woven, knit, or created by our members.

Guild Library

The Guild library is housed at Northtown where we hold our monthly meetings. There is an online catalog on the Guild website. You may check out books, magazines and videos during any Guild meeting and return them at the following meeting. In addition, the library sells extra books and magazines to buy new titles for the Library.

Education Grant

The Guild offers one $250 Grant every year to a member wanting to further

their study of their chosen topic. Applications are due at the March meeting and reviewed by the

Board in April. The Recipient is required to give a 45 minute program to the members the

following calendar year.


The Guild provides coffee and hot water for tea at meetings. Members bring goodies

to share on a rotating basis. Check the MOA for your turn to bring refreshments. Please help put

the room back in order before you leave at the end of the meeting.


Several times a year our Guild demonstrates our craft at events. Any member

can volunteer to demonstrate. You get to share what you love to do AND get to know other

members better.